Marketing projects based on client’s objectives and demands. Companies will find us using all the latest tools and technologies, whether it be launching a new product, developing a promotional roadshow or participating in sector fairs. The project will be completed with innovation and attention to detail. Advertising will be done with the highest level of creativity while using the most opportune methods, with planning able to optimize efficiency of traditional and digital methods, such as social networks.


Ergon com has deep knowledge of traditional and digital media and the capacity to identify the best options. The client will be helped in managing its networking to grow and promote its business by identifying the most influential stakeholders, both through the development of relationships and the organization of events, seminars and workshops capable of expressing their business best towards your target audience.


Ergon Com is specialized in consulting for the production of financial and economic publications. The methodology used starts with an analysis of the best practices in the sector, then commence with editorial and graphic design consultancy, providing the whole process from digital to printing.